Global Transportation at an Affordable Price

For patients who qualify, we can offer this service by utilizing a commercial stretcher bed service on a commercial airliner. This is a cost-effective alternative that can save thousands of dollars compared to a private air ambulance service, yet you still receive the highest level of care.

We truly care for each and every client and offer advantages in every aspect of the flight process to ensure the least stressful transport possible.


Repatriation on Scheduled Flights

Qualified medical personnel will accompany the patient according to scheduled flights and in case of complications are able to assist quickly.

Equipment Arrangement

Our team arranges aeromedical stretchers, oxygen, lifesaving medical equipment, and emergency medications.


Patient of Non-Critical Illness and Stable

We offer a non-emergency air ambulance service” change to "we offer commercial flight transfer accompany by medical team.

Services & Capabilities

  • We will obtain required airline medical clearance.
  • Booking of stretcher and flight coordination for any attending family members.
  • A highly trained and experienced nurse that will be by their side throughout the trip, including all necessary equipment and supplies.
  • A privacy curtain to surround the stretcher.
  • Ground transportation to and from the airports.
  • Coordinate the entire transfer and update the family as it progresses.
  • Prior to all of our medical air flights, we always obtain a full medical report on the patient to ensure that we formulate the proper medical plan for their specific needs.

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All the aspects of our work processes, organization and operations are oriented towards our customers’ needs.