Peace of Mind for Health and Safety of Event Attendees

When you work with us, we bring best-in-class expertise from the event industry and our work in emergency and disaster situations. We make the arrangements so that everything you need is in place.

With a dedicated point of contact, we’ll guide you through the planning and risk assessment process. We’ll ensure you get the first aid cover you need to meet your duty-of-care obligations and provide a safe event. We offer trained medical personnel for events which give organizers peace of mind that their attendees are in safe hands.


Comprehensive Medical Solutions

We allow you to focus on so many other important tasks while knowing that our team is addressing every component of your safety and health from beginning to the end of the event.

Trained Medical Team

Assigned teams are build based on their special skills, your budget and a risk analysis of the event. All staff arrives on time and is equipped with proper equipment.


Services & Capabilities

  • Trained, experienced and reliable first aiders, ambulance crew and paramedics.
  • The best equipment, with secure communications.
  • A dedicated point of contact to help you plan your first-aid risk assessment.
  • A trusted and reliable partner to look after your attendees, no matter the emergency.
  • Peace of mind that the health and safety of your event attendees are in good hands.

Get in Touch

All the aspects of our work processes, organization and operations are oriented towards our customers’ needs.