Transfer Patient Quickly and Safely on the Ground

Ground transport ambulances are one of the safest, most convenient and comfortable way for a patient to travel. All of our vehicles have been constructed with the long distance transportation of patients in mind, we attend to the smallest details which can enhance patient safety and comfort on long journeys.

We are using vehicles with automatic gearboxes thereby avoiding jerks caused by gear changes and air suspension which gives a much smoother ride than the standard spring and shock absorber type of suspension.


Service without any Latency and Delay

We always arrange according to individual requirements of the patient and thus ensure consistent support during the entire patient transfer process without further delay.

Consistent Medical Care

Each transfer is arranged specifically for the patient and will have the appropriate level of medical care on board for the transfer.


Modern and Fully Equipped Transportation

Our ground transports are fully equipped with advanced medical equipment to ensure highest quality standards during all stages of your patient transfer.

Services & Capabilities

  • Depending on your situation, there may be advantages to taking a road ambulance all the way. Our medical team will advise on the safest and best means of transport for the patient.
  • We are uniquely able to take patients over long distances by road. We have state-of-the-art vacuum mattresses that keep patients comfortable even over thousands of kilometers.
  • We send the best doctors, paramedics, and nurses for the journey, with the right, specialize in your situation.
  • Every ambulance in our fleet is ICU equipped and has a full complement of medicine and modern equipment on board, including a ventilator.

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All the aspects of our work processes, organization and operations are oriented towards our customers’ needs.