Demand of Translation in Assisting to Understand Better

Asia Medevac Services have our own in-house linguists who cover most of Asian languages and contacts in other countries worldwide who can assist us with international medical repatriations and all of our other medevac services.

All our translators have been carefully selected for their specialist medical knowledge and experiences, and all translations are subject to strict in-house quality control and training..


Regulatory Laws and Quality Controls

Our team qualified medical translators also possess an understanding of the regulatory laws and quality controls that operate in different countries.

Efficient and Safe Process

We provide a high-quality patient transfer or retrieval requires precision planning, attention to detail and expert communication.


Services & Capabilities

  • Retrieval and translation of medical reports or documents.
  • Up to date medical monitoring of condition with overseas medical professionals.
  • The arrangement of ground services in non-native speaking languages.

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All the aspects of our work processes, organization and operations are oriented towards our customers’ needs.