Enables life-saving treatment to commence immediately

The sea ambulance is designed to cut through the waves rather than ride on the surface of the sea, and with the wheelhouse positioned well forward, and the engine room to the stern, the stretcher cabin is situated amidships where patients have a smooth ride in the area least affected by the motion of the sea.

The vessel has a stretcher cabin larger than those found in road ambulances, giving Asia Medevac Services personnel plenty of room to examine and treat patients with the comprehensive array of medical equipment carried.


Transfer with Professional Medical Team

Our professional medical team attends patient out at the sea and use their specialised skills to package, extricate and disembark patients before ferrying them to hospital.

Companion Journey

Our highly qualified medical team will accompany patient and their family throughout the journey.


Handle with Care

Our medical team and porter are friendly and handle patient with care during transfer.

Services & Capabilities

  • The stern deck has steps to water level to enable patients to be recovered from the water on a stretcher and can be used for transfer to the helicopter if necessary.
  • A full complement of marine equipment, together with charts is carried. Lifejackets and a self-inflating life raft are included in addition to a 9-foot inflatable dinghy which can be used for close inshore work from the marine ambulance.
  • Together with the highly professional medical team, this enables life-saving and stabilizing treatment to commence immediately a patient is on board and to be continued as the launch speeds towards land.

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