Who We Are

We provide seamless inter-facility bed-to-bed patient transfer services via land, sea, and air with full ICU support.

Vision and Mission

Our vision guides every aspect of our work by describing what we aspire to be as we deliver our life-saving service in Asia Medevac Services.

10 Reasons to Choose Us

Here are 10 reasons why you should choose Asia Medevac Services.

Our Leadership

We have a leadership team with unrivaled experience and expertise and they guide us towards our vision and help shape our industry’s future. 


Partnerships with the best of the best in the aeromedical industry.


Asia Medevac Services provides air ambulance, commercial air ambulance, ground transport and sea ambulance services.

Safety and Experiences

Safety is of utmost importance. The audit team assesses every safety criteria and equipment to ensure the safest service to all of our patients.

Accreditation and Awards

Asia Medevac Services has achieved many accreditations and awards for the capabilities that we have provided to our patients.