Dr. Patrick Cheah Wei Chen


Patrick Cheah医生于中国医药大学完成了医学博士学位,并曾于长庚纪念医疗中心和坜新医院进行实习并接受住院医生和研究生训练。他是内科与急诊医学的专科医生。完成训练之后,他在1995年开始内科与急诊医生的事业。在加入亚洲空中医疗救援服务之前,Patrick Cheah医生于坜新医院担任急诊和重症监护医学资深顾问。期间他积极训练医学生、实习生和住院医生。现聘任于亚洲空中医疗救援服务的医疗总监。他不只担任飞行医生,更负责协调和监控所有服务的质量。

Patrick Cheah




"I would like to express my gratitude to your team for their professionalism and caring attitude toward a patient. From the first encounter over the phone throughout the transfer of the patient from one point to another point was excellent"

Grand Indonesia

"Dealing with AMS on a day-to-day basis has proved to be very easy. We make a telephone call, look at the options available, and then let them get on with the job while we concentrate on our business.

Robert D. Frost

"Great job...thank you for getting this to us in an extremely short amount of time.They also showed me ways to reduce costs in supply chain efficiencies. AMS are always responsive and I know I can count on them to deliver.”

Sander O. Mitchel

“We have a world-class supply chain that demands immediate response. AMS came to us with creative, cost saving solutions related to AMS management. Last year we identified a 3% savings across one category.”

Marcos E. Valtea

"They have great service, quality products and we trust them. We value a local relationship and the impact it has on our community."

Jason K. Manson

“It is a company we can count on. They are responsive, they bring new ideas and they care about the success of our organization. I’d recommend them to any human resource department.”

Mr. Attkins
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