Case Study

Scenario of Case Study

1 year after joining the company CYC encountered an unforgettable incident of which she can recall vividly up to this date. It was the story of a young Indonesian lady who had difficult labour. She had hypertension during pregnancy and she had profuse bleeding during childbirth which led to the baby in the womb suffering severe oxygen lack. Thus at birth the baby couldn't breathe on his own effectively. Both mum and babe were nursed in ICU & NICU respectively.

She stated that the patient's husband had decided to air lift the mom & babe to S'pore to be better cared for in specialist hospital. A big air ambulance together with 2 medical teams were hired. My colleague, Mastura teamed with a medical officer, took care of the baby while another medical officer and I formed the other team to take care of the mom in the flight which required a little more than an hour.

She said that receiving a newborn into the world is usually a joyful event. However on that day there was appearance of helplessness and desperation in the spiritless body of that husband cum father made me feel sad.

In her opinion, the flying nurse plays the role of a communicator between her patient & the doctor. One has to possess empathy and clarity of mind. It is normal to see relatives manifest these emotions as:– anxiety, worries, irritability, tearing or crying aloud or venting their anger on the nurse. All these affect the mood of the nurse but she has to remain calm in these situations. Effective communication skills will make the relatives feel comfortable. Constantly updating them on the patient's condition is also another plus point. The nurse also has to gain mastery of control of herself within that short period of time. This requires experience, compassion and ability to work under stress. Thankful for the family support

Both CYC & Mastura agreed that the nature of their job differs from work demand in the other walks of life. It is a tough job to maintain a balance between their professional work load and the demands of their family. Thus understanding and supportive spouse is of
utmost importance.

Family & spousal support motivated her to carry on working in this company. The number of staffs were limited when the company
first started operating. She had to be available
whenever being called, even it was at the wee hours of whenever being called, even it was at the wee hours of the day. She had to leave the home immediately upon receiving a phone call. There was no exception to the rule even when it was a public holiday.

She stated that there were many touching instances that happened in the course of her duties that led her to the awareness that life is precious and one must treasure one's family. However upholding the work ethic of " patient is always right" is very important too.

Up till this very moment she still has passion in carrying out this task. She treated the patient's
relatives as her own. She saw her role as helping patient to realise his or her wishes.

She said she would give the best care to her patient on board the plane or in the ambulance on land to ensure the save arrival of patient at the hospital in the country of choice.

At the present moment the company has grown and the staffing has expanded, she didn't fly as often as she used to be . She has since become a ground staff coordinating land ambulance or flight schedules, keeping relatives updated on patient's condition during his or her journey. This is done to ensure that the medical team focuses its attention solely on caring for the patient.